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Hydro-France was founded in 1981 by Mr. and Mrs. Bélières.
Hydro-France, always evolving, keeps his entrepreneurial family.
With more than 30 years of Hydro-France manufactures all types of pressure washers 20 to 1200bar adapted to various environments (agro-food, enclosed environment, oil, transportation, wine, glass, buildings, towns, etc.. .) as well as self-service carwash.
            Hydro-France entirely controls the manufacture of its material, of boiler making to the tests while passing by painting, electricity, the assembly.
          In 1998, Hydro-France arrives on the Net :
In 2005, Hydro-France has 21 employees, three buildings with a total area of 1600 m² and tools working at the cutting edge of technology (press brake CNC).

In 2010, Hydro-France creates two new websites dedicated to specific hardware: : Relates to the material medium oil to ATEX. : Refers to the weeder hot water

In 2011, Hydro-France is NATO supplier for its equipment rinsing turbine aircraft Rafale.

In 2011, a new site highlights the products for middle Winery:

Hydro-France can also train your technicians and your business.


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